We are committed to

Support academic success and perseverance.

Accompany throughout childhood.

Facilitate the integration of children and their families who have immigrated.

A space of growth

Playing with our child, is offering them a gift. At all ages, when we play, we learn about life. We learn how to resolve problems, communicate, share, move. We discover ourselves and the other. Here, children and their parents have access to periods of play and meaningful exploration, to simply BE, together or separately.

Because play, Enables Growth  

A space for friendship

Friendship is the motor of our social abilities. Through friendships we learn compassion, listening skills, acceptance, patience, mutual help, respect towards ourselves and others. It teaches us the importance of helping others as well as learning how to accept it. Here, children and parents can create new friendships that can change their lives. 

Because mutual help, Helps Growth.

A space for success

Encouraging others reveals their potential. It can be discovering their talent as a Chef, succeeding at speaking French, persevering in mathematics, or preparing for the upcoming academic year. Here, children experience positive successes that develops their confidence, self- esteem and inspires them to put in efforts.

Because success, Helps Growth.

Help us make a difference in the lives of children in Laval.

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