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Mail service « Confidences à un Dauphin »

*Possibility to answer in person or virtually

The volunteer will have the responsibility to answer letters that will be entrusted with the values and philosophy of Maison des enfants le Dauphin, and to have the first drafts supervised before printing the final copy. Within the guidelines of this volunteer work, a workshop is offered and accompaniment as you begin volunteering.


The volunteer will have the responsibility to color drawings that will be used as letterhead for Confidences à un Dauphin.


The volunteer will help the team at reading and reviewing the letters that were answered. Since it is the reading and revision of the final draft, the content will not have to be modified. However, since the volunteer « corrector » is the las person to see the letter before being sent, he is responsible that its content respects the philosophy and values of MED. If a modification needs to be made, it has to be authorized by a team member first.


The volunteer postman has the responsibility to go around the schools he was given on his route, weekly during the schoolyear on a chosen day. The postman will go in each school to deliver the answered letters to the secretary. Afterwards, he will empty the mailbox and return its content to Maison des enfants le Dauphin.

Le Petit Refuge (0-5 years)
Animation support

The volunteer will be able to help the team to prepare the snack as well as support the team during tasks that could be requested. Sometimes the volunteer will be there during playtimes with the children and other times discussing with parents. The volunteer will actively participate where children create memories.

Le Refuge du Dauphin (6-12 years)

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Animation assistant

The volunteer will be able to help the team prepare the snack. He will have fun and attempt in the best way possible to become a significant person for the children that attend the Refuge and will have to support the team during the different tasks he could be asked to do.

Homework assistant

Commitment depending on your availabilities (schoolyear), between 3:30 and 8:00pm. The volunteer must accompany the child in his homework and lessons, while leaving the child develop his academic autonomy. In fact, we are looking to help the child comprehend his homework instruction while leaving him accomplish the task himself. Sometimes, we must intervene with children who have different challenges such as reduced attention capacity, learning challenges and language barriers.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is essential for an organization working in autonomous community action. The administrators, in addition to offering their experience, expertise and advice to MED, are also, in the law, the guardians of healthy management resources. They see that the proposed and adopted measures conform with the mission, philosophy, and general orientations of Maison des enfants le Dauphin.

Because contributing to the mission of Maison des Enfants le Dauphin helps grow!

Do you have a passion you want to share? Are you a handyman and want to put the skills you enjoy to good use? Are you looking for a way to get involved socially?

There is a place for you at Maison des enfants le Dauphin!

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