The management team

Chantale Gignac

Executive Director

Chantale works at Maison des enfants le Dauphin since April 2002 and is the Executive Director since June 2021. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a certificate in youth intervention.

Chantale brings people together. She navigates with a lot of agility each day with the creativity and authenticity of the children, offering a space where everyone can thrive at their own pace, in a universe where kindness rules.

Having occupied almost each position at Maison des enfants le Dauphin before becoming Executive Director, Chantale knows the MED very well, the neighborhood and was part of several committees, consultation tables, with the objective of improving the quality of life of children and families in Laval.

Chantale was responsible for a very long period of the JIDE (Journée international des droits de L’Enfant – International Day of Children’s Rights), that now takes place in collaboration with the City of Laval. She is also President of the CDLC (Comité de development local de Chomedey).

She is certain that each child should have equal chances of success, whatever their developmental challenges, origins, or social condition.

In 3 words, Chantale is authentic, engaged and brings people together!

Caroline Loiseau

Assistant Director

With a professional college diploma in social work, Caroline never ceases to want to learn and develop new capacities. She also holds a certificate in leadership and leadership skills from the Institute of Leadership. She is part of our team since September 2009.

Caroline invests herself wholeheartedly in the projects she takes on. She is passionate about human interactions and sharing experiences. Among many other things, we appreciate her versatility and listening skills.

In 3 words, Caroline is jovial, determined, and hospitable.

Patricia Cloutier

Administrative Assistant and Funding Agent

Patricia is part of the team since January 2006! She joined the team when she began as a volunteer at «Confidences à un Dauphin”.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. What Patricia likes about her work is supporting and helping others. Evidently, the team particularly appreciates her kindness and capacity to help.

In 3 words, Patricia is versatile, hospitable, and efficient.

Our speakers

Michèle Gagné

Coordinator of Confidences à un Dauphin

Michèle is part of the team since 2013. She holds a professional college diploma in social work, and it’s as an intern that she joined the team.

What Michèle is passionate about in her work is the development of significant connections with the children and their families, as well as the large diversity of possibilities at Maison des enfants le Dauphin.

Her capacity to adapt, her determination, her devotion and her generosity are strengths that the team cannot live without.

In 3 words, Michèle is always cheerful, devoted, and passionate!

Audrey Laforge

Coordinator of academic success and living space

Audrey works at Maison des enfants le Dauphin since October 2013. She holds a professional college diploma in social work. Passionate about discovering the world through the eyes of children, she loves their spontaneity and simplicity. In her work, Audrey has the facility of maintaining trusting relationships with children and their families.

Audrey says her secret weapon against demotivation is humor, and we say her humor is the cure against monotony. As a result, it also increases our happiness daily!

In 3 words, Audrey is authentic, generous, and rigorous!

Stéphanie Leblanc

Strategic Advisor

In 1995, Stéphanie founded Maison des enfants le Dauphin and was the Executive Director for 26 years. As the Executive Director she was passionate and committed!

Now, as strategic advisor, Stéphanie wants to bring her support and experience of over 30 years of commitment to the community sector of Laval. She wants to continue participating in it’s development and maintain the social significance Maison des enfants has!

She holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and is member of the 4th cohort of Leadership Rassembleur MC. Stéphanie is a leader who is particularly passionate and spontaneous.

Her commitment and drive are how she reveals beauty in others. It is with her ardor, determination, vision, and love of humanity, that she applies it daily. Fearless of other’s intelligence and knowing how to surround herself well, are gages of Stéphanie’s success.

In 3 words, Stéphanie is passionate, committed, and brings people together.

Cassandra Dufresne

Intervention worker – Responsible of the living space
Professional college diploma in social work

Cassandra holds a professional college diploma in social work, and it is when she was an intern in 2016 that she joined the team.

Innovative and creative are strengths that are very alive within her! She possesses a natural talent for creating educational activities that are artistic, stimulating, motor, and above all they are fun!

What Cassandra is passionate about in her work, is exchanging and experiencing joyful quality moments with families. She particularly likes having the liberty to add her unique touch to the different activities.

In 3 words, Cassandra is dynamic, empathetic, and hospitable.

Mariana Bonilla Bernal

Intervention worker -Responsible for educational support
Professional college diploma in social work

Mariana joined the team in summer 2023, after having completed a professional college diploma in social work.

In her work, Mariana loves discovering each child’s unique qualities, and enriching her experiences and interactions with others. Having experienced an immigration journey, she has a particular interest in learning more about each family’s journey and sharing her own experience with us.

Mariana embodies confidence and is quick to build relationships with children because of her ability to adapt to each child’s needs during activities.

In 3 words, Mariana is softspoken, open minded and curious!

Jennifer Corbeil

Intervention worker – Logistic support for Confidences à un Dauphin
Professional college diploma in specialized education

We are lucky to have Jennifer as part of our team since 2021. She holds a professional college diploma in specialized education.

Empathetic and generous, she wears her heart on her hand, and enjoys supporting and accompanying those that are around her. Passionate about teamwork, she likes to contribute to projects with her versatility, talents, and creativity. She accepts challenges with enthusiasm and momentum.

Experiencing moments of laughter, and privileged time with children are sources of motivation for Jennifer.

In 3 words, Jennifer is motivated, enthusiastic and giggles a lot!

Elizabeth Chewey

Intervention worker – Parent mobilization
Bachelor’s degree in applied human science

Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree in applied human science, with a major in human relations. We are lucky to have known Elizabeth for many years, as she used to participate in our activities with her son.

Living in Chomedey, devoted mother and involved in her community, she was also part of the Board of Directors of Maison des enfants le Dauphin a few years ago. She is particularly passionate about diversity, multiculturalism and bringing people together. Elizabeth has been involved in humanitarian work abroad and has a worldly vision.

In 3 words, Elizabeth is empathetic, hospitable and has a delicate approach.

Véronique Poitras

Intervention worker- Children and families
College diploma in social sciences

Véronique holds a college diploma in social sciences and is currently studying teaching special education at university. She joined the team in September 2019.

Passionate about children’s learning and of a rich multicultural environment, we couldn’t live without her momentum, listening skills and natural helping ability.

In 3 words, Véronique is authentic, available, and colorful!

Charbel Lecours-Abimoussa

Intervention worker- Children and families

Charbel is part of our team since February 2022. He is currently a Cejep student in the Tremplin DEC program. Charbel used to attend Maison des enfants le Dauphin activities when he was young. Now that he has grown up, he wants to contribute to children’s success. He likes to take advantage of his knowledge and experience. Chabel is motivated by putting light on children’s strengths for them to be proud of themselves.

In 3 words, Chabel is loveable, sociable, and hard working.

Léanne Santerre

Intervention worker- Children and families
Bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation

Léanne joined the team in spring of 2021. After having completed her bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation, she has begun her master’s degree in the same field. Léanne is excellent with children who have many challenges.

What motivates her, is being in contact with children. Empathetic and calm, she can naturally create a special bond with them.

In 3 words, Léanne is proactive, softspoken and helpful.

Victoria Perron

Intervention worker- Children and families

Victoria officially joined the team in September 2019. Much before that date, she first got involved with us as a young volunteer.

She is currently studying at university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in specialized education (preschool and elementary). Victoria is dynamic and doesn’t hesitate to take on challenges.

In her work, she enjoys exploring children’s creativity, seeing them express themselves and develop to their full potential.

In 3 words, Victoria is creative, committed, and attentive.

Marilou Morin

Intervention worker- Children and families

Marilou joined the team in September 2022. She is currently studying at university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in social work. Marilou quickly put her talents to work with the children and families at MED. Creative and positive, Marilou is very committed.

In 3 words, Marilou is spontaneous, dynamic, and positive.

Naïma Laventure

Intervention worker- Children and families

Naïma joined our team in June 2022 for a summer job. We convinced her to stay with us part time during her studies. She is studying natural sciences at cejep. Naïma loves having fun with children and getting into their world. She is the big sister of her 3-year-old little brother, so she knows a lot about the special universe of children.

In 3 words, Naïma is softspoken, helpful and playful.

Miryam ElKhoury

Intervention worker- Children and families

Miryam attended our activities when she was a child. As a secondary 5 student, Miryam wanted to join our team to put to good use her lovely energy. It is a pleasure to have her on our team since September 2023.

In 3 words, Miryam is softspoken, friendly and helpful.

Meg-Ann Demeules

Intervention worker- Children and families

Meg-Ann joined our team as a volunteer at Refuge du Dauphin in July 2023. We convinced her to join our team on a part time basis during her studies. Meg- Ann is studying to obtain a bachelor’s degree in cognitive neurosciences. Meg- Ann is easily invited into children’s universe with her soft approach and listening skills.

In 3 words, Meg- Ann is playful, calm, and committed.

Members of the Board of Directors

Françoise Bouchard

General Management Support Manager at Caisse Desjardins des Grands boulevards de Laval, Ms. Bouchard knows Maison des enfants le Dauphin very well and carries our mission with her everywhere she goes. For close to 20 years, Ms. Bouchard accompanied Maison des enfants through different stages of its evolution by putting her management expertise and network at our service. She has occupied the position of president on the board of directors for many years, and her natural leadership skills contribute to the objective of having all board members contribute.

Ginette Beauséjour

Vice president, from a partner organization

Retired teacher, Ms. Beauséjour worked for a long time with young children. Member of the board of directors for the past 25 years, she has known how to use her knowledge about children, her experience with several nonprofit organizations and her vision of childhood. Her rich experience makes Ms. Beauséjour an excellent vice president and important member of our board of directors.

Chantale Gignac

Administrator, Executive Director

Executive Director at Maison des enfants le Dauphin, Ms. Gignac has been on the board of directors for 2 years. She is great at having people come together. Her experience of the past 20 years allows her to ensure each board member contributes and has their place.

Amani Haider

Administrator, from our participants

Having participated at our activities with her 3 children, Ms. Haider joined the board of directors in 2018 with the objective of contributing by her experience as a parent. Giving back to Maison des enfants what she and her children had received is important to her. Committed to her community, Ms. Haider is always ready to help a newly immigrated family to facilitate their integration.

Laura Karaki

Treasurer, from our participants

Mother of 3 children who participated at our activities, Ms. Karaki joined the board of directors in 2021. Slowly getting accustomed to how a board functions, Ms. Karaki always contributes nicely to discussions. This year, she decided to take on the challenge of treasurer, to ensure good financial management of Maison des enfants le Dauphin.

Kathleen Brennan

Administrator, from volunteers

Her beginnings were as a volunteer at Confidences à un Dauphin. We were able to convince Ms. Brennan to join the board of directors in 2021. Now retired, we are very happy she uses her experience as a volunteer, and as a business manager.

Patricia Cloutier

Administrator, from our employees

Having returned to the board of directors as secretary after a 3-year pause, Patricia makes sure notes are taken, and documents well managed. Administrative assistant and finance manager at Maison des enfants, she has a position on the board from the employees. Patricia contributes with her experience at Maison des enfants and her broad organizational capacity.

Badreddine Maamar

Administrator, from a partner organization

Director of major and planned donations at Fondation du H.E.C., Mr. Maamar joined the board in 2021. His experience in philanthropy is a priceless addition to the board of directors. Always generous with his time and expertise, Mr. Maamar contributes in a very nice way to our board of directors.

Roxane Martel

Administrator, from the business area

Member and client experience Counselor at Desjardins, Ms. Martel joined the board of directors in 2018. Her expertise in strategic planning was used numerous times by MED team. She is mother to 2 young children and embodies our mission within her network.

Adil Mansouri

Administrator, from the business area

Design and Innovation vice president at Talsom, Mr. Mansouri was recruited in 2021 to become an administrator on our board of directors. Young and involved father wanting to contribute to the positive development of children’s causes, it was natural for him to join our board.

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