The back entrance

This is where you enter to go down to the basement to drop off your belongings (boots, coat, backpack, etc.). Hurry up and come up for some fun! At the entrance, you’ll also find a bulletin board where we post your achievements and successes, as well as photos of you and your MED companions.

The chef dolphin

Set up like a family kitchen with a large table, this is where you can enjoy nutritious snacks and even get hands-on during cooking workshops.

The gatherer

Here’s a room full of action! You’re welcomed here by a warm and dynamic team of caregivers. You’ll rub shoulders with the animals you’ll be looking after. The computer area will help you with your schoolwork, and you’ll find fun and educational games.

Cooperating to create the future at the homework room and volunteers

This room is set up to accommodate the volunteers who answer the Confidences à un Dauphin mail. This room is also where we help you do your homework and learn your lessons.

The desk

The five senses in motion

In this room, you can express yourself through dance, music, gymnastics, improvisation, drama or simply by expending your energy. On special occasions, you and your classmates can get together to show off your artistic talents!

The dolphin creator

In this room, you’ll find artistic expression materials with which you can freely explore and develop your creativity. It’s a colorful room!

The stars of the dolphin

Thanks to your imagination and a trunk full of costumes, you’ll be able to play the role of some of the funniest characters around. Whether you transform yourself into an actor, singer, improviser or artist, you’ll be able to express your messages or share your reality with us without being intimidated.

The Buble

The bubble is a space where you can find yourself and recharge your batteries. It’s a room where reading and relaxation take center stage. It’s a little bubble of softness, tenderness, tranquility, listening, an imaginary bubble.

The Labelle park

The MED is located right next to Parc Labelle. Daily activities in the park will help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and channel your energy into physical activity. If you feel like getting moving…come and see us!

Le lieu dédié à  Confidences à  un Dauphin

L’endroit spécialement dédié à la réponse aux lettres d’enfants dans le cadre de l’activité Confidences à un Dauphin. Les bénévoles y sont les bienvenus plusieurs fois par semaine. Il est situé au 3000, rue Pierre-Corneille à Laval.

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